Spring Fling​​

​June 2 - 5, 2016

National Drive

October 11 - 16, 2016

Christy Warrington



The National Drive

Jerry Trapani will be the evaluator for the CAA Driver Proficiency Test that will be available at this year's National Drive.  He has prepared this flier that summarizes the program.


Welcome to the Carriage Association of America’s Driver Proficiency Program

The CAA will once again offer evaluations during The National Drive. A CAA Instructor and Evaluator will be present in Kentucky.

How Do I Get Started?
•    Buy and read the syllabus (from the CAA office)
•    Determine if you need a refresher course before taking an evaluation – if so, then contact Andy directly to set up some instruction.
     (See contact information below) 
•    Complete the application form and send it directly to the CAA office with payment (CAA will then inform the evaluator that you are registered)
•    Arrange an evaluation appointment with the CAA office.

Welcome to the CAA’s Driver Proficiency Program

We hope that your participation in this program will help to increase your awareness and knowledge of how you drive and how to do so safely and correctly.

In addition to testing drivers’ proficiency at the various levels, this program also allows for driving instructors to be qualified as they work through the levels. We hope this will ensure that traditional driving will continue to be taught.

Description of Levels
Level I:
The basis level (but not for complete beginners) is for those ready to drive away from home. This is a competence evaluation and will confirm that you know how to do things safely. This level covers harness knowledge, harnessing and putting to, practical driving, horse care, and general knowledge.

Road Driving Assessment:
Recommended before driving horses/ponies on public roads.

Level II:
This level is suited to the more experienced driver who participates in some form of competitive driving, and it may include pair driving. The prerequisites for this level are successful completion of Level I and the Road Driving Assessment, followed by additional driving instruction/experience. Typical drivers at this level will be able to drive an unfamiliar horse, work competently in a driving environment with some responsibility, drive competently in company and perhaps in competition, and look after a group of horses/ponies competently and maintain them over a period of time both in work and at rest.

Level III:
The highest recognition offered, this level requires demonstration of horsemanship and driving ability, continuing with unit-based competence. In order to achieve a full certificate for Level III, a candidate must complete all the compulsory Units, 1,2,3, plus any one of the optional Units 4,5, or 6. Candidates will receive credit for all units they complete successfully.

Level III’s Compulsory Units:
1. Training of the Driven Horse
2. Practical Driving – Single Horse
3. Vehicles and Harness

Level III’s Optional Units:
Any one Unit is required for the full certificate:
4. Pair Driving  - Advanced Level
5. Driving with Four Reins – Tandem
6. Driving with Four Reins – Team

Candidates are encouraged to talk about what they are doing (and why) when doing the practical activities. With some practice everything can be covered with minimal questioning by the Evaluator. Remember Evaluators are not examining your depth of knowledge. They will only ask what’s on the syllabus. If you tell them everything they want to know, they won’t ask too many questions!  The Evaluator is there to support you and to ensure you know what you are doing. They want you to pass.

To register for the CAA Driver Proficiency testing at The National Drive, contact the CAA
office (details below):

The Carriage Association of America,
3915 Jay Trump Road, Lexington, KY 40511.
Telephone (859) 231-0971; Fax. (859) 231-0973

Level I Syllabus – complete manual including evaluation specifics – is available
at a cost of $15.00 plus postage from CAA Office.