The National Drive and Ride
October 6 - 11, 2015


The National Drive and The Spring Fling want to welcome the recreational driver and rider back to the Kentucky Horse Park
The absolute best thing about both events is the people who attend.  Drivers and riders of all skill levels.  The common factor is their great attitude about lending a helping hand when needed.  From our clinicians, to our staff and including our drivers and riders in attendance - we are a very laid back group of people.  You can drive and ride thru the Kentucky Horse Park and mix with awesome people who will make you feel like you have been at a family reunion.

The Beginning..........The National Drive was the idea of a group of forward thinking gentlemen who thought a non-competitive drive was needed for the many drivers and riders who just wanted to get together and have fun with their equines.  They wanted a convenient facility that had lots to offer and the Kentucky Horse Park fit the bill perfectly.  Our first drive was in October, 2005 and has grown into what we have today

The Drive has come to be viewed as the largest single gathering of recreational equine drivers on the continent. Highlighting the event is a series of clinics, demonstrations and private driving lessons featuring some of the nation’s most prominent clinicians and driving experts. Participants can attend all or none of our scheduled events – the only thing required is that one passes a safety check. Participants can drive at will from dawn to dusk.

The Spring Fling Dates are set for May 28th thru May 31st 
You may notice we have added one extra day to the Spring Fling so that you can come and drive and ride for four days.  This gives those who are driving from afar an extra day to play with the human and equine friends.
The National Drive will take place October 6th thru October 11th

We expect a large turnout this fall, as we are thrilled to announce that the CAA will be joining us while they host their meeting.  The Carriage Association Of America will be holding a meeting in conjunction with our fall 2015 National Drive.  This should allow our people to have an opportunity to see some wonderful turnouts while having a great time at the National Drive.  Our format will stay exactly as it has been with being laid back and having fun as our main concern.  With the CAA joining in with us you will be able to see lots of antique carriages and a coach or two while driving your carriage and enjoying the park.  They normally have an organized drive as part of their meeting so you may enjoy seeing these nice turn outs as they drive around.  Our CAA friends will be welcome at all our events while we 'partner' with them to make the 2015 National Drive the best ever. 

Both of our events are 'dress as you please' and we encourage that you dress for comfort and fun.  We do strongly encourage that helmets be worn for driving and riding but it is not a hard and fast rule.  We do require a safety check before you start your driving in the park.  We just want to look you over and offer any advice on safety tips.  That pretty well covers our 'rules' so you can see that we are at the park to have fun while driving and riding our equines.  We will have some organized clinics and events along with evening social events but you are free to choose what you would like to do while our guest.
The spring and fall events will offer courses set up to guide you thru the park or you can drive at your leisure.  The drives are set up to mostly be an opportunity to socialize and network with other drivers and riders from all over the country.  The park is open to all of our participants, including a free trip thru their museum.  We will have vendors set up to help you find all of your driving necessities and even some 'stuff' you may only think you need.

And please don't forget the coffee and donuts each morning, thanks to The Driving Digest.

This years lineup of clinicians looks like a formidable group, for The Spring Fling, Joanna Wilburn will be joining us, The National Drive will have Kelly Valdes, Joanna Wilburn, Fred Merriman and Elizabeth Keathley.  Please visit the Clinicians page to learn about this wonderful and talented group of teachers and mentors.  These clinicians will give free group presentations on subjects of their choice, they will also be available for private lessons throughout the day.  Fees and signup sheets will be posted at the National Drive Office.(Payment of lesson fees is arranged between clinician and individual.)  Our clinicians are well versed in the sport of driving equines and will work to improve your abilities on all levels.

The KHP campground is a class A facility with beautiful sites available to our group for a special rate.  The hotels in the area are close and plentiful.  Convenient eateries are found on the grounds and many options are close by to suit all palates.


* The Drive officially begins on Tuesday, October 6 and ends at dusk on Sunday, October 11, 2015. Participants can arrive on Monday, the 7th, and leave on Monday, the 12th (departure time is 7:30am),  but cannot drive on either of these days.

 Registration for the 6-day, 5-night event is $115 per person. A special 3-day, 2-night pass will cost $95/person. All clinics, demonstrations and activities are included in the registration fee. Horse and Tack stalls are $40/night each. Private lessons with the clinicians are at their hourly rates and are scheduled directly with the clinicians after arrival at the park.

Registration forms and information may be downloaded from the Downloads page and mailed to Mrs. Christy Warrington, 205 Coy Claywell Road, Columbia, KY 42728 – (270) 250-4463; email: tnd@nationaldrive.netClick here to go to the Download page. Contact Mrs. Warrington directly if you wish this information mailed to you.


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