National Drive 2015

October 6 - 11 2015

Christy Warrington



The National Drive

The National Drive wishes to encourage drivers to join the ADS, CAA, and to subscribe to Driving Digest. For anyone who rejoins (after a one- year or more lapse in membership) the DS or CAA or resubscribes (after a one- year or more lapse in membership) to Driving Digest, the National Drive will issue a voucher for $20 for ADS, CAA and $10 for Driving Digest to be used as a discount toward registration to the National Drive or Spring Fling in either 2016 or 2017. Total Value of $50.

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We are thrilled to announce that the CAA and the ADS will be joining us in our festivities for 2015. Our format will stay exactly as it has been, laid back and having fun as our main concern.  With the CAA joining in with us you will be able to see antique carriages and maybe a coach or two while driving your carriage and enjoying the park. The ADS seeks to promote the best interests of the sport of driving horses and ponies both competitively and for recreation. Our CAA and ADS friends will be welcome at all our events, while we 'partner' with them to make the 2015 National Drive the best ever.   Please join the ADS and CAA on the evening of October 10th, as they co-host our hospitality event that evening.

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Meet the Clinicians

The National Drive presents a wide array of diverse clinicians, for all your driving questions.
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Welcome to The National Drive!

The absolute best thing about this event is the people who attend.  Drivers and riders of all skill levels.  The common factor is their great attitude about lending a helping hand when needed.  From our clinicians, to our staff and including our drivers and riders in attendance - we are a very laid back group of people.  You can drive and ride thru the Kentucky Horse Park and mix with awesome people who will make you feel like you have been at a family reunion.