Spring Drive

​  April 30-May 3, 2020

Fall Drive

  October 13-18, 2020

Hoosier Horse Park, IN

The National Drive

The National Drive Chili Dump

Welcome to the National Drive's  “potluck” group meal! Here is how it will work... Everyone bring a beef-based chili; create your own favorite recipe, have a friend make it, and if these two suggestions are not an option? Well then, just bring a can of chili! Please make sure your contribution will be enough to feed 4 hungry people. We will have several pots to warm the chili in. As the chili arrives, it will all be “dumped” together in these pots. Hence the name “Chili Dump!” Tortilla chips, crackers and other toppings for the chili will be provided, as will bowls, plates, and utensils. Bring your own beverage if you like. Soft drinks and beer will be provided. Some participants will be asked to bring INSTEAD of chili, cornbread or cupcakes.  These can also be homemade or store bought.

Details for 2018 will be posted closer to the event.