National Drive

​  Oct 1-6, 2019

Spring Fling

  April 30 - May 3, 2020

Hoosier Horse Park, IN

The National Drive

Leslie Cashion (Fall)

Leslie Cashion has been driving, instructing, and training since 1999. She has competed in combined driving up to the intermediate level with singles and pairs as well as trained horses competing at the FEI level. Working as an instructor, trainer, and assistant manager at the Gayla Driving Center for 11 yrs, Leslie drove for recreation and in pleasure shows. In 2010, she collaborated with Steve Wilson to create the Hermitage International Training Center, where she trained, instructed and managed for 5+ yrs including organizing the Hermitage Classic CDE. Leslie is self-employed as a trainer/instructor while she practices as a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (pending Summer 2019). She brings her authentic self to the driving arena, utilizing therapist tools alongside her equestrian knowledge for a more holistic partnership approach. Leslie enjoys working with equines and drivers of all levels, in all disciplines, stressing the importance of enjoyable, safe, and consistent training.

Our 2019 Clinicians

Mary Ruth Marks  (Fall)

     Mary Ruth Marks’ vocation is a realtor in the Madison area, but her passion and avocation is horses, particularly driving horses. Two of her horses have been long listed for the US team, and, in 2010, her stallion, Adeszko, was 6th in the nation for Horse of the Year awards and first alternate to the U.S. Team for combined driving.
     She was founder and first president of the Dairyland Driving Club (now 30+ years strong), is a registered judge with the American Driving Society and conducts seminars and driving clinics throughout the U.S. She produced the popular DVD “Teach Your Horse to Drive” and wrote two books, the “Tandem Driving Handbook” and the coffee table book, “The Dogs of Madison”.
    Mary Ruth brings boundless enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge to all of her horse endeavors. She loves helping others learn and currently owns Equine Basics, an educational endeavor to provide solutions to horse owners throughout the region. She lives in Verona, Wisconsin, and raises German Riding Ponies and sport horses.

Joanna Wilburn  (Fall)

     Joanna Wilburn is the co-owner of Rollingwoods Farm which specializes in hunter and driving ponies located in Olive Branch, MS. As a farm Rollingwoods Farm has bred/trained/owned either the National or Reserve National Welsh driving pony from 1991 to present. Moving from farm trainer for the ponies to training people to drive was a natural progression for Joanna as driving is a real passion for her. Joanna has competed in CDEs as a Navigator for several years from Single Training Level to Advanced four-in-hand. Joanna loves beginners and children as that is the chance to start a great foundation. Her heartfelt enjoyment of the equine brain mixed with her wit, enthusiasm and practical advise will benefit drivers of any skill level.

Rates for our clinicians are as follows:

  • Joanna           $75
  • Mary Ruth     $70                       
  • Leslie              $65