The National Drive

Our  Clinicians      (printable copies)  2020 Fall    2021 Spring

Stacey Giere   $80  Group of 2, $55   (Fall 2020)    

     Stacey Giere is a seasoned trainer and equine enthusiast who manages and operates a full-service boarding and training facility on her 7th generation farm in Brecksville, Ohio.
     Stacey attended Ohio State University, where she received a B.S. in Education, focusing on K-12 Physical Education, and a Master of the Arts in Education for Physical and Mental Disabilities.  She rode for both the Huntseat and Stockseat Equestrian Teams and went on to several championships.
     During the show season, Stacey has been able to compete some of her own horses/ponies while training and competing for a variety of clients.  Her focus has gone from hunter jumpers to breed show accomplishments to combined driving and all over in pleasure driving world, with championship titles throughout.  Even though she loves to compete, she always focuses on training, exposure and quality skill building for the equine athletes.

     When you interact with Stacey, she will answer your questions and always find that the cup is half full.  She passionately wants people to understand how the animals think and will always be the first to help you make safe and appropriate decisions.

Fall Drive

​  October 13-18, 2020

Spring Drive

  April 29-May 2, 2021

Hoosier Horse Park, IN

Gene Brown     $65    (Fall 2020)

    Gene Brown, Training Resources in Georgetown, KY, has been breeding, training and showing horses for decades. He has worked with horse clubs and breed organizations and has written for several horse publications. Working with singles, multiples and four-in-hands, Gene has won countless championships in several disciplines across many breeds while excelling in pleasure shows and CDEs.
     As a 4th generation horseman, Gene knows how to start the training process, determine if an equine is capable of doing the task at hand and help you get the most from you AND your horse. He believes good training methods, without shortcuts, will create a productive and lasting relationship with your equine companion.  

Joanna Wilburn  $75   (Spring only)

     Joanna Wilburn is the co-owner of Rollingwoods Farm which specializes in hunter and driving ponies located in Olive Branch, MS. As a farm Rollingwoods Farm has bred/trained/owned either the National or Reserve National Welsh driving pony from 1991 to present. Moving from farm trainer for the ponies to training people to drive was a natural progression for Joanna as driving is a real passion for her. Joanna has competed in CDEs as a Navigator for several years from Single Training Level to Advanced four-in-hand. Joanna loves beginners and children as that is the chance to start a great foundation. Her heartfelt enjoyment of the equine brain mixed with her wit, enthusiasm and practical advise will benefit drivers of any skill level.