Spring Fling

   May 2-5, 2019

​   Hoosier Horse Park, IN

National Drive

​Oct 1-6, 2019

Hoosier Horse Park, IN

The National Drive

Our 2018 National Drive Clinicians

Craig Kellogg

Craig came from a driving and fox hunting family and was given his first driving pony when he was 5.  He started teaching and driving when he was 16.  He competed in sleigh rallies, pleasure shows and many of the early CDEs.  After graduating from the University of Wyoming, he worked at a hunter/jumper/fox hunting barn training hunters and driving. Following his stint with the jumpers, he returned to his parents' driving stable in Sharon,  Connecticut. Following in his father's footsteps (who was a founder of the ADS), he became an ADS official in 1974 and served on several ADS committees. He then branched out with his own business in Virginia and Millbrook, New York, until he moved to Southern  Pines in 2004 where he continues to train, teach, and coach. ​

Amy Neary

Amy is the co-owner of Thistle Farm in Strawberry Plains, TN. Her vet calls the farm "The island of misfit toys" because most of the horses are rescues. She has been involved with equines since 1985, driving since 1988. She competes in CDEs and competed at the Royal Windsor​ in 2000. Amy is a 911 dispatcher for Knoxville, TN and works with Horse Haven of Tennessee, an equine rescue facility. Amy loves the technical side of hazards and cones and helping others drive at any level.

Joanna Wilburn  (Spring & Fall)

Joanna Wilburn is the co-owner of Rollingwoods Farm which specializes in hunter and driving ponies located in Olive Branch, MS. As a farm Rollingwoods Farm has bred/trained/owned either the National or Reserve National Welsh driving pony from 1991 to present. Moving from farm trainer for the ponies to training people to drive was a natural progression for Joanna as driving is a real passion for her. Joanna has competed in CDEs as a Navigator for several years from Single Training Level to Advanced four-in-hand. Joanna loves beginners and children as that is the chance to start a great foundation. Her heartfelt enjoyment of the equine brain mixed with her wit, enthusiasm and practical advise will benefit drivers of any skill level.

Rates for our clinicians are as follows:

  • Amy      $50       865-712-8745  
  • Craig     $75      910-603-9744
  • Joanna  $75      901-834-4922