The National Drive

​​National Drive

   October 2-7, 2018

   Hoosier Horse Park, IN

Spring Fling

   May 2-5, 2019

​   Hoosier Horse Park, IN

Johnson Co Park & Hoosier Horse Park maps

Hoosier Horse Park (HHP) is the fenced-in area of Johnson County Park (JCP) which includes the barns, covered arena, campsites and Stadium/warm-up arenas. JCP was part of Camp Atterbury military base until the early 80s, at which time the park was set aside for the site of the 1985 Pan-AM games. Today, the military has reclaimed a portion of the park (which has not affected the equine-usable areas) and the golf course has been closed. More areas of JCP will be available to us than those used by other driving and eventing groups but specifics have not been determined.   

Johnson County Park overview

Hoosier Horse Park Compound diagram

HHP compound campsite list

CDE course map indicating trails utilized by Combined Driving competitors