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Johnson Co Park & Hoosier Horse Park maps

Hoosier Horse Park (HHP) is the fenced-in area of Johnson County Park (JCP) which includes the barns, covered arena, campsites and Stadium/warm-up arenas. JCP was part of Camp Atterbury military base until the early 80s, at which time the park was set aside for the site of the 1987 Pan-AM games. Today, the military has reclaimed a portion of the park (which has not affected the equine-usable areas) and the golf course has been closed but a portion of it is available for driving.   

Johnson County Park overview

Hoosier Horse Park Compound diagram

HHP compound campsite list

CDE course map indicating trails A & B (Informational only)

Fall Drive

​  October 13-18, 2020

Spring Drive

  April 29-May 2, 2021

Hoosier Horse Park, IN